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When Trap Takes The Mic

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Elevated through rap music, Baby Kocaine is bringing nothing but pressure! She is a 20 year old upcoming female rap artist from Saginaw, Michigan and paving the way for all the “trap girls.” Having started with her debut single “No Sympathy,” Kocaine hasn’t dropped the pen. She lives by the values consistency and hard work, and demands it from everyone in her creative circle. She's credited for her catchy lyrics, dope punchlines, and eccentric sense of fashion. Baby Kocaine recently dropped her first album in 2020 titled “Let’s Be Clear,” with 10 raw tracks that highlight her creativity and versatility. Watch out world, Kocaine is stepping on necks and is definitely on a come up in 2021!

Who’s your rap inspiration and why?

Baby Kocaine: My female rap inspiration is Mulatto because I've watched her grind from the bottom without any hand outs or open deals. She worked for her success and continues to work hard as a female in a male dominated field.

What audience do you want your music to appeal to?

Baby Kocaine: I strive to reach every audience with my music. You never know who knows who and how far you can get by inspiring people. Networking is biggest key to success for me.

What’s the most important qualities to have as an artist?

Baby Kocaine: Well there are several qualities I believe an artist should keep throughout their career: First, artists should be committed and persistent. Without those, how will you ever start a project and see it all the way through? Artists should have strategy with their music and while networking with industry professionals. Image is key, because that's the first thing people see when they meet you. Not only is it important to be the part, you should look to part!

Why the title “Let’s Be Clear” for your first album release?

Baby Kocaine: Basically, a lot of people thought I had quit making music! I wanted to clear up any and all rumors people have about me through my music rather than on social media because I know people are always watching and listening. I don't know who will eventually find my music, but I'm confident about what I’m doing with this rap shit and I want people to understand [I'm not going anywhere]!

Is there any advice you have for other artists watching you?

Baby Kocaine: Yeah, I just want every rapper or artist to know that it’s alright to take criticism. There's a big difference between constructive criticism and somebody flat out hating on you. Whichever direction it comes from, take the outcome and build an INCOME. For as long as people continue watching, you will continue to go up!

Baby Kocaine: Shout to APProduction and my team for keeping me grounded and going. And big shoutout to Be Famous for scouting my talent and publishing my article! #TraphouseShyt

Check out Baby Kocaine's music on all major platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

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