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The Life of DaSavageHimself

DaSavageHimself is a rapper born in Portsmouth, VA as “Jordan Queen.” Baby Savage and his family moved to Temple Hills, Maryland in 1996 where he grew up desiring the “rockstar lifestyle;” dreaming and professing owning Lamborghinis and multi-million dollar houses. Savage had dreams of making it to the NFL but inadvertently suffered multiple sports injuries in high school. Not only that, he continued to attract legal problems that encouraged jokes from family members about being a “police magnet.” Most of his charges were only petty charges, until 2018, when he was arrested for drug distribution and possession of illegal weapons.

That’s around the time Savage had his first child, CharMia. Savage exalts her in his music and mentions how he missed valuable moments in her life, like seeing her crawl and eventually learn to walk. CharMia was born in January 2018, but passed away later that year in June. He was still attracting legal drama and battling custody with his child’s mother. When Savage heard of his daughter’s death, he went to a dark place in his mind. It drove him to record his first song, “Die Today.” Savage recorded this song to pour out his frustrations. He shared the song with friends and family and received a lot of great feedback. This marked the start of his music career and landed his first official recording opportunity and live performance with Smooth Doee debuting “Machetes and Magnums” and “2 Minutes.”

Savage quickly fell in love with the rapper life-style as it reminded him of his childhood dream of being a “rockstar.” He went on to release multiple projects and create life-changing partnerships with other artists: one female artist who later gave birth to his son Kash, PashGod and Kor who contributed to over 85K digital streams with their single “Run Down,” and KingSLQ.

What inspired you to get into music?

DaSavageHimself: My daughter. She died in her first year of life. Don’t ask me dat sh*t no more.

Who do you wish to inspire with your music?

DaSavageHimself: I make music for the Gangstas. I make music to turn the streets up, and I make music to show my people, they can do whatever the f**k they want to do!

What made you name your album, “Machetes and Magnums”?

DaSavageHimself: I was chillin’ in a room with my big sis Lia and I opened my book bag to get some money out. She looked in my bag and said, “all I see is Machetes and Magnums.” I told her that was gonna be my album title. Lol. That’s gonna be my album series title and it’s gonna break the charts!

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

DaSavageHimself: Lil Durk and Lil Baby. Durk has been my favorite rapper for years, other than myself of course. Lol. Bruh vicious, and Lil Baby the most elite rapper in the game right now--everything that nigga touch is a hit!

If you could open a show for any artist who would it be?

DaSavageHimself: Although he’s dead, 2 Pac. I grew up listening to 2 Pac. My pops kept Pac on repeat. I knew all of the lyrics to Pac’s greatest hits by the age of 7.

How did the personal relationship with Topanga and your son effect your business relationship with her?

DaSavageHimself: We knew each other for a brick (over 10 years) so when we started making music together it was easy, we were already locked in! When she was pregnant we had some complications and some mis-communications that almost ruined our bond, but when our son was born we started co-parenting and got closer. That's my dawg and we'd do anything for each other! My baby momma jii like my bestfriend, we're just not with the relationship s**t. When it comes to business, it's whatever is best for our son. He comes first and there will be new music coming soon between us!

Savage spends his time making music and managing his clothing brand YOX2 Apparel. He's scheduled to release his second debut album “Machetes and Magnums 2” in summer of 2021! Follow DaSavageHimself on all platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

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