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Thank You For Your Service

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

“Thank you for your service!” That’s typically what active duty members and veterans hear when someone sees or discovers they’ve been affiliated with the United States military. But how much does that really mean to Americans? Do Americans truly value the human sacrifice from our military members? What is a potential human sacrifice really worth to American freedom?

Mike Brown, known as “MikeTheCeleb,” has served in the United States Air Force for over 14 years. He’s been stationed at five military bases to include a five month tour in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2014 during a hostile time in the country, and a three year overseas assignment in Kaiserslautern, Germany starting in 2016. He’s earned numerous military decorations for excellent and honorable military service. He managed to secure his associate’s and bachelor’s degree early in his career, freeing his off-duty time to spearhead “ChitChat” and “Be Famous Multimedia Group.” Mike is the epitome of ambition, a pioneer, and selfless!

Be Famous ( is a multimedia platform geared to showcase and “erupt ideas.” ChitChat ( minimum viable product (MVP) and registered trademark--is a communication platform enabling people to [pay] to send direct messages (DMs) to influencers or industry experts. Mike carries ChitChat and Be Famous on his shoulders just as he carries his armor on the front line.

Mike is on a mission: a military mission and a personal mission. He’s about to deploy to another hostile and unpredictable location. He’s been called (again) to put his life on the line, where there is no guarantee he will return home alive, in one piece, or mentally healthy. Does that mean anything to you? Despite the military obligation, he has to continue forward with the mission and vision of ChitChat and Be Famous, by any means. Does that mean anything to you?

America: Just as you are calling Mike Brown to selflessly put himself in harm’s way for you, Mike is calling you to put your reservations and protocol on the line for him: 1) follow Mike at @MikeTheCeleb everywhere possible, 2) showcase him in every relevant publication, and 3) mark his social media with the blue checkmark! Don’t wait until it’s too late! What if there is never another opportunity?

Why should people make exceptions for you?

MikeTheCeleb: People should make an exception for me because i’m making a sacrifice for them. While this is the life and career I chose, someone has to do it and I'm doing it proudly. My life can be over before the end of the year. Considering that, I want people to hear my purpose in life and support me!

Why is Be Famous and ChitChat so special to you?

MikeTheCeleb: I love to answer this question. Be Famous is special to me because it’s my platform and I’m able to showcase the talents of other people, when other's will not. As I grow into success, Be Famous will be a platform where I help others showcase and erupt their music, talent, or business. Be Famous is here to stay, forever! ChitChat is a platform where users [pay] to send direct messages to influencers, celebrities, or anyone who draws attention on social media. Once I’m in a position with a lot of visibility, ChitChat will become a major communication platform!

What do you really expect from this article?

MikeTheCeleb: I expect exactly what I asked for in the article. I’m challenging every person to support me: follow me everywhere you can and publish an article about me so that I have leverage to build my brands ChitChat and Be Famous! I wouldn’t ask for support if I didn’t need it or thought I had a good reason to ask for it.

"Thank you for your service!" -America
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