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MikeTheCeleb: The CEO You Should Know

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

MikeTheCeleb is an Air Force Sergeant and the Tech Founder of ChitChat, Inc. His military service, charisma, and passion to serve people is exceptional, but even more exceptional than his 15 years of military service and personality is his U.S. registered trademark and communication platform “ChitChat.”

But before we dive into ChitChat, we couldn't abstain from mentioning his proclaimed hometowns: Warner Robins, Georgia and Goldsboro, North Carolina. His father served several years in the United States Air Force in both locations. Mike eventually graduated high school and was well-known for his talents on the drum line and commitment to Junior ROTC. He then attended a community college for two years, working part-time, and then soon followed his father's footsteps in the military. His Air Force career would give him an opportunity to travel and mature quickly, all while providing a stable income until he discovered his deepest life passion--entrepreneurship.

So back to ChitChat

Mike first launched ChitChat in 2014 as a minimum viable product (MVP), mobile web platform. In 2017, Mike launched a mobile application on both Android and iPhone and amassed over 10K users. As of today, you can access ChitChat through it's most current gTLD acquisition www.Chit.Chat, which is just as valuable, if not more, than it's .com counterpart

What makes “ChitChat” so special?

ChitChat enables users to pay to send direct messages (DMs) to celebrities or other users in order to guarantee a response from them. Without a system like ChitChat there's virtually no legitimate means to communicate directly with influencers.

We as consumers pay for a lot of products and services. A direct message is no different than a one-on-one consultation. The fee compensates the influencer for their time, but more importantly, enables you to defeat normal barriers surrounding influencers and the millions of other fans like you.

The correlation

The phrase “ChitChat” is very synonymous with the premise of ChitChat. Research the definitions for “chit” and “chat,” and there you will discover the irony.

While you could imagine “ChitChat” already being a viral brand, it’s not, yet; but perhaps this is the generation for the exhausted, unprecedented, American expression.

Mike, why would people pay to talk to people when they can send messages for free on other social platforms?

MikeTheCeleb: While you can send messages to influencers and other professionals out there in the world, there's absolutely no guarantee that you will receive a response. That's why ChitChat allows you to pay them for their time so there's no question whether you'll receive a response or not. Go ahead and send your favorite celebrity a DM on Instagram right now and tell me when you get a response. I don't advise holding your breath. :-)

How did you come up with the idea for this concept?

MikeTheCeleb: I've had this idea for a long time. To this day I encounter this dilemma. I want to network with industry experts or even say "what's up" to someone popular in entertainment; and can not get a response unless you go through tons of representatives or managers; and even then, you still can't connect with them.

How is ChitChat going to differ from other apps or services alike?

MikeTheCeleb: ChitChat is not just for celebrities and experts who obviously have a tons of fans that want to speak to them directly; it's for anyone (big or small) who have a platform where people may wish to pay to speak to them. I also foresee ChitChat tapping into the dating industry. Ladies who are less prone to use dating apps like Tinder (because they get "hollered" at everyday) will be likely to use ChitChat since they can filter unnecessary interactions with the fee.

How much should celebrities or people charge for people to "ChitChat" with them?

MikeTheCeleb: I allow influencers to determine their own rate (per message) so that they are always motivated to "ChitChat." My goal is for [everyone] to have a ChitChat profile whether they charge or not. I believe we should be able to talk to anyone in the world; but, I do understand with that privilege, there will be a cost!

Subscribe and stay tuned for more from ChitChat, @MikeTheCeleb, and Be Famous! Send Mike a DM via Chit.Chat.

"People are attracted to your SUCCESS, not your STRUGGLE." - MikeTheCeleb

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