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Jamaal Marvel: The Illusive Artist and Storyteller

Everything starts with a dream and dreams are only as real as you make them. The rising Hip-Hop/R&B star Jamaal Marvel is building his dream, track by track. A Virginia native, this singer, song-writer, rapper, and producer blends the best of all that is loved in Hip-Hop, R&B, Funk, and Pop into a sound that defines the word unique. Pulling elements of 80’s fun, and the heart and vibe of the 90’s, he continuously impresses with creative melodies and relatable lyrics. With his second solo studio album “Tales of a Fool” Jamaal delivers a sound foreshadowed by his name, a work of art…a work of Marvel.

In 2012, while stationed in Phoenix, AZ, Jamaal began touring with a small group and performed at local venues. His First album “Love & Imperfections” debuted in 2013. In 2015 he co-founded the fusion group Half Black, becoming its lead vocalist. Following the release of songs like On Edge, Jane Doe, Warrior and I Scream 4 Noise, the group’s album “Evolution” debuted in 2016. He was also the vocal melody and lyrical creator behind the 2017 hit Daily, by the artists Rival & Cadmium garnering over 2 million plays on YouTube. The collaborative single “Power of Music” with EDM artist Cadmium also premiered that year. In early 2020, he released the first single “SUCKER” from his second studio album, garnering over 100,000 plays on Spotify. Singles “Future love” and hit “Give It To Me” soon followed. “Tales of a Fool” was released September 30, 2020 garnering over 300k plays on Spotify. Singles “O.T.P and “Mr. Man” were released soon after. The final single from the album “Darkside” is set to release mid-February 2021.

Jamaal Marvel has already begun recording songs for and extended version of “Tales of a Fool” releasing fall 2021. It will include 4 new tracks and 2 remixes. Weaving together instrumentals that vibe, relatable lyrics and a voice of wonder, Jamaal Marvel is a breath of fresh air! A must have on any playlist!

Why do you make music?

Jamaal Marvel: Lol, that’s simple. Because I have to. My father told me something as a kid. He said whatever it is that you wake up thinking about, whatever it is that consumes your mind in the quiet moments that’s what you’re supposed to do in life. I wake up creating, I dream about it, I daydream about it. It consumes me. I couldn’t stop creating if I tried. I would also add that I make music as a way to help people. Most of my lyrics are opened ended. They have an overarching mist of a meaning but at its core is whatever the listener wants it to be. We all go through life and life brings with it every emotion we are capable of feeling. Music has always helped me to express that, especially in my times of darkness. I want listeners to be able to place themselves in my music, my lyrics. I want people to be able to listen to my music and release their emotions throw it. I want to help grant relief during times of turmoil and magnify during times of joy.

This is your third musical body of work. What makes “Tales of a Fool” different than your previous works?

Jamaal Marvel: Growth. My first body of work “Love & Imperfections” was me releasing my creativity. I had no idea what I was doing lol. I just knew I needed to release my pent-up creativity, so I did. I had and idea, a theme, a dream so I worked to make it real. The group Half Black was…so much fun. It was the melding of Hip-Hop, EDM, Rock, Pop and R&B. With people that I truly enjoyed spending time with that was as hungry and serious about their art as I was. But both of those albums, at least my part in them didn’t tell my story. I wasn’t being open, I was pulling inspiration from everything and everyone around me but myself. “Tales of a Fool” represents freedom. It is the first musical body of work where every song is about what I feel or felt. It is a culmination of all of the experience garnered from my past works. It is me now, me living in my truth. And you can hear it…

So, what’s next for you?

Jamaal Marvel: A lot lol. My last single “Darkside” will be dropping mid-February 2021.I’m so excited about that. Also, I’ve started recording songs for and extended version of “Tales of a Fool: Volume 1”. The first single from that will be out in May, the extended album Fall 2021. It will include 4 new tracks and two remixes, one of which will be a pop EDM remix. I’m a Hip-Hop/R&B artist but I do like to dabble. I’ve also started a miniseries inspired by the album. It’s a fantasy/adventure epic novel that will be out when the extend version of the album drops. From there I plan on releasing my first single from my next album “Tales of a Fool: Emotions Volume 2” 2022 Spring.

If you could collaborate with any five artist on a track who would they be?

Jamaal Marvel: This is hard lol. I’d say Timberland. He’s been an inspiration ever since I was new what music was. He was different and unapologetic about it which made me feel it was okay to be as well. I’d also say Pharrell for the same reason. Plus, their both from V.A so lol. Let see…J. Cole. I’m a huge fan. I love Hip-Hop artists, their messages elevate and bring change. His flow is dope and his music speaks truth. Who doesn’t want to work with that? Also, I’d say Mariah Carey. I think I’ve memorized most of her albums from the 90’s lol. I’m not sure why, but her first three albums were extremely influential on my vocals. I sought to hit those same notes and do those same runs. Lol I quickly realized that I couldn’t so it forced me to experiment with my voice, my range, my tones, my style of runs. Lastly…I’m going to cheat and say, Masego and Anderson Paak. Love their styles, and it would be so lit to collaborate with both of them on a track.

Jamaal has managed to carve an exceptional reputation on the web with a noteworthy Google presence--Google him! He's definitely up next up for Billboard. Follow him everywhere you can: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify.

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