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In The Mind of an Animator: Ronnel "Rich" Webb

Ronnel (AKA “Rich”) Webb is a military veteran and black animator currently based in Zagreb, Croatia. He served in the United States Air Force for 9 years and separated to pursue education, entrepreneurship, and cartoon animation, full-time.

In early 2020, Rich launched an animated cartoon series titled “Lil’ Marcus” that depicts stereotypical moments in “black culture.” He’s published his 6th episode and continues to cement his passion and production of higher quality cartoons every day.

In one of his latest episodes, How Hood Dudes Save Girls Numbers, Ferrari Dior and Dallas Custard are voice actors for characters Brooklyn and Lil Marcus. Brooklyn and Lil’ Marcus are laying in bed chatting when Lil’ Marcus’ phone chimes with a message from “Pizza Hut” saying, “I miss you.” Lil’ Marcus insists it’s probably a pizza special from Pizza Hut. He’s not able to persuade Brooklyn and ends up with a black eye. Check out the hilarious skit for yourself below.

Rich also manages an entertainment multimedia website “YTG Global” where he’s amassed a 12K member community that showcases culture from all over the world.

During a private interview, Rich revealed a few big projects coming through the production pipeline in 2021 that we’re currently unable to discuss.

Rich, where are you from and what made you settle in Croatia for the time being?

Ronnel (Rich) Webb:

I'm originally from St. Louis, Missouri. You know, the city that has the best food in the world. I can’t wait till my next visit actually. With me moving to Croatia, I was always visiting while I was living in Italy and just said one day, “hey, let me see what it'll be like to live in Croatia!”

Tell us about Music/ProjectName. How did you develop this idea?

Ronnel (Rich) Webb: There are a few projects that i’m currently working on right now. Lil’ Marcus being the one that helped me evolve the most. I have one series called, “Lifestyles of Rich While Broke,” and what makes that kind of unique is that it's an animated travel blog. The other one that's currently out is “H00d 99: Hip Hop Stories” where I make a parody about events that happen in Hip Hop.

What is your genre and who has been your musical influence?

Ronnel (Rich) Webb: Young Don, The Sauce God, and Korporate Bidness are people that I admire for their work. They are some of the best storytellers of our genre. Even though Korporate Bidness doesn’t work on cartoons, his ability to write a story, make it funny, and keep you entertained the whole time is wildly impressive. Also, Cartoon Connect’s YouTube series “Gotta Be Mo” is my favorite show without a doubt.

Who do you wish to inspire with your Music/Project?

Ronnel (Rich) Webb: I just want to bring this style of comedy to the forefront.

What are some secrets that have helped you reach your current level of success?

Ronnel (Rich) Webb: Killing my Ego and realizing that I don't know anything. I think once people accept that they don't know everything and that they can't do it by themselves, then they'll reach the best version of themselves.

What sets you apart from other people in your industry?

Ronnel (Rich) Webb: I think the people that I’m currently collab'ing with. I’m working with people that are way smarter than me, that are funnier than me, and we’re all working together towards a common goal. There's no animosity within my creative circle at all and those collaborations will be the thing that push us to the next level.

Where do you see yourself and/or your project in a couple years? What’s the next level for you?

Ronnel (Rich) Webb: I think people can see the growth in all of my cartoons. I know that everyday is a chance to grow and I look forward to that challenge.

What’s your favorite animation?

Ronnel (Rich) Webb: My favorite animation without a doubt is Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse. Everything from the writing, to the animation and voice overs. Everything is a masterpiece.

To keep up with Rich and his cartoon series Lil’ Marcus, follow him on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Don’t forget to connect with voice actors Ferrari Dior @Ferrari_Dior and Dallas Custard @Levi.504

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