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For The Love of Business - Advice by Jarius Bee

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Jarius Bee is a multifaceted serial entrepreneur and business consultation guru! His drive to serve the Lord and reach success is “second to none!”

He was born in Tokyo, Japan by way of his military roots and has moved around with his family until his father was called to ministry. He has served as Chief Operations Officer for 8 years under his father, Bishop Harvey Bee, but has contributed to his church all his life--managing media, music vocal production, and administrative systems.

He’s launched multiple successful business ventures since graduating from American Intercontinental University with a Bachelors of Science in Media Engineering and constantly seeks ways to build his personal wealth.

Jarius has built a massive business empire and is soon to become the next mogul based in Atlanta, Georgia.

His current business credits include:

The Hive Luxury Group - Luxury and short-term AirBnB rental properties

Car Flight - Personal private transportation with luxury vehicles to the Atlanta, Georgia Airport

HappyTV - TV Streaming Company to supply all LIVE CHANNELS, MOVIES, SERIES for a great reasonable price.

Sharp Eye Media - Business Consultation, Media, & Marketing Firm

What are some secrets that have helped you reach your current level of success?

Jarius Bee: I would have to credit my life and personality to first God, my parents who taught me to be my own person and never be scared to try it, if it makes sense, go for it! You will not know until you try.

Where do you see yourself and/or your project in a couple years? What’s the next level for you?

Jarius Bee: I want to be completely free of debts. Create wealth, finance his own assets like building a house and electric vehicles with his own funds. Build my own short term rental business to be a million dollar company.

What do you recommend to people who want to build wealth?

Jarius Bee: Send your money on assignment! Create a zero-based budget where every dollar is allocated to your expenses and investments. Investments are the most important part of your strategy. Investments include buying stocks, real estate, and simple businesses that solve a common problem.

How do I find my purpose or passion:

Jarius Bee: Begin with asking yourself: What makes me happy? What would I do for free? The answers to these questions will be the start of your road to success!

“Make sure every aspect of your life yields profit (relationships, business ventures, and education, etc)!” - Jarius Bee

Whether you need a luxury ride to the airport, a skyline rental home for a weekend in Atlanta, or cost efficient internet TV and top-notch media services, Jarius Bee is your guy! Follow Jarius on Instagram and Facebook and check out his AirBnb empire at

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