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A Musical Memoir About Brian Jamal

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

This is a memoir about Brian Jamal, a Christian music artist from Valdosta, Georgia I encountered over 5 years ago. Brian had recently finished production of his mixtape Transformation that featured an incredible compilation of songs: “Down That Road Again,” “Better With God,” “What If,” and “Victory.” This was a time when Brian had dreadlocks and still managed to sell over 20,000 physical copies of his mixtape.

It was that time Brian revealed hardships from his past that would shape his purpose, motivation, and direction in life: his victimization from gang violence, drugs, alcohol, and child molestation. In 2013, Brian had a heart attack from a cocaine overdose and was rushed to a hospital. There he asked God, “if you’re real, reveal yourself to me, and heal me.” God healed him and he was released from the hospital the next day. Brian made a promise to God that he would change his lifestyle and begin to minister the word of God. For as long as I’ve known him, he’s kept his promise to the Lord!

Brian is conquering all the challenges in his life and walking through barriers in the music industry. He’s cemented his music enterprise with BJM Music Corporation and has released more phenomenal projects; most notably today, his hit single from the Gospel Mixtape Transparency, “As Long As I Can Live.” Brian delivers an inspiring video message that narrates his reckless lifestyle before Christ, and then, his life reformed and in reverence to God. It’s heard as he sings, “I’m Gone Hold You Down.”

Tell us about this album. How did you develop this idea?

Brian Jamal: This most recent project is titled "Transparency" (The Gospel Mixtape). This idea stemmed from understanding people are more receptive to what's real. Hearing a story on top of a groovy beat that most can relate to, makes people more prone to listen.

What sets you apart from other people in your industry?

Brian Jamal: Well, I guess what sets me apart is that I've managed to bring a different type of sound to Gospel/Inspirational music. It's like a cross between Kirk Franklin and Roddy Rich lol.

What are some secrets that have helped you reach your current level of success?

Brian Jamal: The most important thing that has helped breach the walls of success is keeping God/YHWH. The secret is in seeking the Kingdom of Heaven and all of its righteousness. Through much fasting, reading the Word of God, and prayer, I've found peace and joy in ministering to others, on how to obtain this.

Who do you wish to inspire with your Music?

Brian Jamal: Honestly, my music is for saved and unsaved people. I want to reach the masses without boundaries on who's feeling my music or not. Whether you're a loyal church goer, or street hustler; I want everyone to get the same thing from my music. That thing would be hope and inspiration.


Brian is on fire for God and is committed to “saving souls” with his music and testimony. Check out his latest single “As Long As I Can Live” on YouTube and Spotify, and follow him on all platforms!

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