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You’ve been selected to be featured on Be Famous! Here's what we need to publish an article

about your talent and/or project!

Be Famous Article

A high quality Be Famous Article will consist of the following elements (at least):

Title: Compelling, captivating, creative, and about you. Up to 180 characters.


Bio: At least 2 paragraphs, 3 to 5 sentences each, and written In [3rd person]. In at least one paragraph, write a compelling introduction about you and who you are. In the next, showcase your latest project, business, or journey. Remember to write in 3rd person.


Interview: Stage an interview of at least 4 questions to give readers a deeper view into you and your project(s).

Media: All photo and video submissions should be high quality and high resolution.

High Res Headline Photo
High Res Photo of Project

Questions and Answers

This is the interview section of the article. It’s a chance to stage a short interview to discuss commonly asked questions you receive or anticipate; or, give the audience a different perspective they may not have caught from the bio section. Insert 4 or 5 questions and answers!

For SEO purposes, we’re going to insert your preferred name (i.e. your stage name, DBA name, or real name) after each question. Before your response, enter your name and a colon, like this: YourName:

We're at the last step!

Social Media: insert your social media links and websites here and we’ll insert them at the end of the article!

Subscribe and Follow Be Famous: We’re a growing community and wish to keep growing! Please subscribe to Be Famous to see exclusive new talent like you, receive exclusive deals, and to permanently be apart of the Be Famous family!

Share Share Share: We’re going to broadcast your article to our the Be Famous subscriber community and share on our social media platforms, but we need you to share your  article and URL to all of your family, friends, and followers. Tell them to drop a heart and leave a comment so that your article builds traction and ranks high in performance!

Feel free to send this link to other talented people like you!

Congrats! Your content has been submitted to Be Famous! We will be in contact with you soon!

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